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Dallas, TX based tributes MATCHBOOK 20 & SELLING THE DRAMA consist of professional entertainers that bring to life the vast catalogs and concert experiences of iconic rockers Matchbox Twenty and Live.

MATCHBOOK 20  Expect to hear classics from the debut breakout Yourself or Someone Like You all the way through the latest release WHERE THE LIGHT GOES with some surprises along the way.

SELLING THE DRAMA We'll take you back to classic 90's LIVE with material from Mental Jewelry, Secret Samadhi, The Distance to Here and the 8x Platinum certified mega album Throwing Copper.

Both tributes feature veteran rockers Kris Evans on guitar, Tim Slack on bass, Ryan Brandon on drums, Shaun Copeland on guitar and Jim Shafer on vocals/keyboards. Get ready for an evening full of energy and fun that will keep you on your feet, rocking to all your favorite songs!

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Jim Shafer  Vocals

Tim Slack  Bass

Kris Evans  Guitar

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MB20 Gregg7.jpg
MB20 Gregg5.jpg

Shaun Copeland  Guitar

MB20 Gregg18.jpg

Ryan Brandon  Drums

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